charlotte aka annabelle 6_17

Charlotte (aka Annabelle) (A35591471)

Status : Adopted
Gender :
Date of Birth: April 19, 2017
Breed: mix
Category: .


Do you think they will like us? Do you think they will want to take one (or two) of us home?

Just look at those faces. These adorable puppies were lovingly raised and bottle-fed from birth. They are very used to being held and having their foster humans spend time with them. The pups are used to kids, dog friendly cats and other friendly dogs. Each one is more cuddly than the other. We never knew either parent, so really have no idea what breed they are mixed with. One looks like he has border collie coloring, one looks like an Australian shepherd, one looks more like a beagle, another looks like a lab. So it is really our best guess. We can say they will probably all be medium sized dogs when fully grown, and they have super sweet personalities.

The puppies will have had their vaccinations, been dewormed, begun heartworm prevention, and will be microchipped. They will all be spayed/neutered before the end of June, and will then be ready for their forever families. We don’t think these cuties will be with us for long!

The puppy adoption fee is $165.00.