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Helpful Links

Below is a list of other non-profit groups, all doing what they can to help our animals friends in need!

Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA) Rescue in Texas

The IGCA rescues hundreds of Italian Greyhounds nationwide, including over 100 in Texas alone. Many are adopted out to wonderful families who qualify under the high standards set by IGCA. There have also been several happy reunions of lost dogs and their grieving owners.

The San Antonio Mobile Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

See their site for scheduled stops in or around our area as well as information on fees for wellness services and pre-surgery instructions.

The Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO)

A permanent sanctuary, dedicated to giving quality lifetime care to unwanted, abused, and non-releasable wild and exotic animals. WAO accepts animals that no one else will take, whose only alternative would be euthanasia.

San Antonio Vegetarian Society

The San Antonio Vegetarian Society has a great web site promoting healthy eating, a guide to some fantastic local restaurants, and recipes, as well as many links to several earth friendly, and animal friendly web sites.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. (WRR)

Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife. WRR also provides permanent care for non-indigenous wild animals who have been victimized by the exotic pet trade, rescued from roadside zoos, or retired from research facilities.

Primarily Primates

A unique protection organization that provides sanctuary, rehabilitation, lifetime care and shelter to various non-native species of primates, birds, mammals, and reptiles that otherwise would continue to suffer from abuse, neglect, or be killed as unwanted surplus.

Pit Bull Info

Like many rescue groups and shelters, HFP has its fair share of Staffordshire Terriers (what some people mistakenly call Pit Bulls). These are frequently misunderstood dogs, and can many times make wonderful house pets.

Educate yourself on the myths and facts about this breed with these two web sites:

Pit Bull Rescue Central – Breed Information
Midwest Rescue of Illinois – The Truth About Pit Bulls



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