Zelda (A24050899)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Female
Date of Birth: 5/1/2013
Weight: 13lbs
Breed: Chi mix
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Zelda was found walking the streets in our neighborhood wearing an old pink harness and a new looking leash. I thought she had gotten out by accident on this beautiful day last fall. She had no tags, or microchip and apparently, no-one was looking for her. Homes for Pets had her spayed, gave her all necessary vaccinations, microchip, and tested her for heartworm; she was negative.

Zelda is about 1 1/2 to 2 years old, and a Chihuahua mix. She is not the stereotypical barky, shivering, fragile, and eye-watering type of Chihuahua. She weighs about 13 pounds. She loves to play with toys, fetch the ball, and take leash walks, but can also rest with her human for a long periods of time in a chair or bed. I cannot say how she will be with cats because our cats are in a separate part of the house (I have a very dog-unhappy cat). She is crate trained. She will come when called. She is always happy, her tail wags well, and she even looks like she is smiling. One thing, she does avoid going outside when the weather is bad, rain, just wet, or cold, and because of this, has occasionally done her #2 in the hallway. However, since she is quite smart she will get better with training.