Status : Adopted
Gender : Male
Date of Birth: 12/2/2016
Weight: 55 lbs
Breed: Plott Hound/ Lab Mix
Category: .

I may have a big ol’ shiner on my eye, but believe me when I tell you I’m a lover, not a fighter! My idea of a good time consists mainly of belly rubs, hugs, going for walks, napping, playing fetch & tug… in no particular order. I make friends wherever I go. Kids are some of my favorite people!

I have excellent manners in the house. I’m housetrained and don’t mind going into my crate if asked nicely and bribed with a treat! (I’m no dummie!) I hang out in the laundry room sometimes when nobody’s at home, and I don’t get into anything. I take the opportunity to catch up on my napping. I’m the only dog in my foster home, but I’ve been around other dogs with no issues. They have a cat but to be honest, I pretty much never see it because it likes to hide under the bed. Whatever, I’m not that interested in cats, plus I figure since he never comes out, I get all the snacks and snuggles for myself! If you have a friendly cat, we’d just have to see what it thinks of me, and vice versa.

I’m eager to please and easily trained. Just let me know what’s expected and I’m pretty compliant. I’m a happy-go-lucky sort, and I always look on the bright side, so I just know someone is going to see everything they’ve been looking for when they look at my pics and read about me. Are you my “someone”? Let’s find out!
If you would like to meet Shiner or simply get more information on him text Wendy  at 210 260-1826

Click above to see how well Shiner is being trained. 🙂