Sharkey (A28646587)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Male
Date of Birth: 4//14/2014
Breed: Boxer/Terrier
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Sharkey is a 15 month old brindle-colored boxer-terrier mix. He had a rough start to life, but was thankfully rescued and constantly shows his appreciation for his new life. He’s been neutered, fully vaccinated, and de-wormed. He has no health problems. He very recently attended a 3-month training program where he learned how to be obedient. He is a big sweetheart and loves to be around people and other dogs. His foster home has 5 children under 13 years old, and he loves all of them, as well as the other 3 dogs that reside there.
Hugs and kisses
Trail hikes/runs
Showing off his newly acquired tricks
Loves to play ball
Really loves to please his owners
He doesn’t like it when the Chihuahua eats from his food bowl before he is done, but he lets her do it and just sits there until she is done, or someone removes her (absolutely no food aggression)
He hates it when he doesn’t get enough attention or exercise.

Can roll over, sit, lay, stay in one place on command, retrieve things, pull your socks off on command, and pull your jacket/sweater off on command. On command, he will sit when you approach a doorway so that you can open the door and will wait for your command to move forward.
He is housebroken, and crate-trained. He sleeps in his crate at night and can stay in it for a few hours during the day.

Sharkey is very easy to love and will melt your heart with his big smile and floppy ears. His attitude is silly and fun-loving.
Help this guy get a loving furr-ever home that he fully deserves!!!