Martina (A43328764)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Female
Date of Birth: 04/03/2012
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Category: .
Martina is a mush. She’s still skittish and she spends a lot of her time hiding. Even so, she loves being pet. In fact, it can be hard to get a picture of her since once I kneel down to get a good one, she comes right to me for some love. She’s adaptable, I have two young rambunctious cats, and while they can be a bit much for her, she enjoys being around them. I also have a large dog who does scare her, but to whom she’s adjusting. Martina’s favorite pastimes are playing with a track toy and napping with her foster dad.
Personally I think she would thrive in a home with older animals, and kids over 12. Either way she needs patience and someone who thinks it’s rewarding to watch a cat come out of her shell (while enjoying the love she gives freely when she’s comfortable)