Bella (A42035287)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Female
Date of Birth: 06/24/2015
Breed: German Shepherd/Lab Mix
Category: .

Bella is a big dog (76 pounds) but she is all heart. Bella is sweet, calm & friendly dog. Bella’s original owner passed away. Her previous owner was a 92 year old lady who could not care for her anymore.  Bella is approximately 4 1/2 years old.  She was a strictly outside dog but has decided indoor AC is awesome.  She gets along well with other people so far.  She is a master digger & escape artist as she can quickly dig humongous holes under a fence to escape. She typically doesn’t run when she gets out. She just likes to explore. Bella is a very calm dog. She doesn’t bark at things.  She likes to kick back and relax all day. She is house trained. She is not too sure around other dogs. She is a sweetheart who gets very scared with each environment change. Bella rides well in a car but it’s difficult to get her into a vehicle. She eats dry dog food and loves it when an egg lands on her plate. Yes, plate she does not like a bowl and only eats off a small pizza pan. She loves to be brushed, hint, she does shed a lot. She is current on all shots, including rabies, heartworm prevention and flea & tick prevention. She is spayed.