Baby Boy2

Baby Boy (A42016131)

Status : Adopted
Gender : Male
Date of Birth: 10/2/2018
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Category: .
Baby Boy is an 11 month old Ticked Tabby (also called Agouti). He is very affectionate and loves to be held and scratched and rubbed on his head, face, neck and ears. He will often hug you and cuddle while you hold him. At times he gets a little rough in his play, but a firm “NO” will make hime back off. An experienced cat person will understand this if they have had a cat with similar behavior. He has been alone in a room at his foster’s home for so long he just doesn’t want her to leave him when she comes in his room!! He is a sweetie pie and would l-o-v-e to find his forever home. preferably with no small children.